Sean Sullivan, Psy.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist. He leads a fiercely caring design, technology and psychology team spread around the world sharing a common goal — teach everyone how to shift into a better state of mind anytime.
A welcome from Dr. Sean Sullivan
Welcome to OnePerfect!

We've put everything we have into incorporating twenty years of clinical research and practice into a wellness platform worthy of you and your organization. Connections with others and wellness practices that shift your mind are only a tap away anytime in the OnePerfect apps — iPhone | Android — and on the web at OnePerfect Shift.

We deeply value the transformative power of learning to connect intimately to yourself and others through a wellness practice. My own education and practice began at Harvard University and grew at the Center for Mindfulness and Science at the University of Massachusetts Medical School followed by twenty-plus years practicing clinical and performance psychology.

The same stream of intention and innovation continues today at OnePerfect. We'd love to support you and your organization. Drop us a note to begin a free OnePerfect trial by submitting the form below when you're ready.

Warm regards,
Sean Sullivan
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