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Using OnePerfect, ~90% of surveyed users shifted toward or into a better state of mind using a 'Shift' anytime.
- OnePerfect pilots supported by the Regents of University of California, 2020-2022
Connect to your ideal state of mind 24/7
Unlimited professionally curated sessions to address your current needs.
Connect to insights and to others 24/7
Record personal insights privately and listen to solutions shared by others.
Connect to personal support 24/7
One tap connects you to professional care.
"Within a few years OnePerfect will be a norm in organizations. There is a massive need for this product."
Paul Marcille, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Professor and Program Director, Palo Alto University.
Past-President, California Psychological Association
"Dr. Sullivan's digital tools are like having a psychologist who is your close friend with you every day. It's so helpful and it works."
Marta Wegorzewska, Ph.D.
Scientific Editor
Washington University, St. Louis, MO
"It helps me prepare for my day. Especially when I go to work or even to hang our with friends. It changes my subconscious to think better of myself."
Geoffrey Malveaux
OnePerfect user and actor
San Francisco, CA
(Check out Geoffrey's user-story below)
"Our dream for OnePerfect is to play a meaningful role transforming mobile devices into pathways to health and wellbeing for all of us."
Sean Sullivan, Psy.D.
Founder of OnePerfect,
San Francisco, CA
Improving an individual's self-regulation skills raises a team's emotional intelligence.
What users are saying...
  • "Easy to navigate and I enjoyed having the option to record an insight at any point during a meditation session."
  • "It helped me with my anxiety."
  • "I was pleased with how polished the app was. The animation style was cool to me."
  • "I like the fact that he's a psychologist. That's pretty cool."
  • "The main benefit that I received from One Perfect Meditation was listening to other people's insights and helping me to focus."
  • "What I liked the best about using OPM was listening to the insights and how it had different topics such as motivation, stress, and sleep."
  • "This is the most interesting meditation app I've used. I'd be less interested in the sessions, and more interested in the insights."
  • "This feels more professional than insight timer. (There's an actual psychologist rather than random people giving the meditations)."
  • "I liked all the content that was in the meditation and I love the beach waves audio."
  • "I was able to consolidate my thoughts so I could find the root of why I was feeling anxious."
  • "I liked all the content that was in the meditation and I love the beach waves audio."
  • "It gave me some good thoughts on maintaining my focus, which has dwindled due to us learning at home."
  • "The meditations were very soothing."
  • "The app was very soothing, far more than i would have expected from a simple app."
  • "It has helped me by guiding me in finding out more within myself, allowing myself to evaluate any problems I may have rather than ignoring them."
  • "OPM helped me address internal struggles I am currently dealing with and allowed me to accept and not judge myself for feelings/ thoughts I have."
  • "A few minutes to myself to have personal reflection that was guided and helped bring me back to what I was doing if my mind began to wander."
  • "It's an outlet for myself and my emotions."
  • "I liked Dr. Sean's short insights and stories that connected to the meditation."
  • "Helped me get into meditation. Not something I do regularly but having short 5-8 minute guided meditations made the jump to meditating not too overwhelming."
  • "I think OPM addressed my issues of overthinking and allowed myself to check in daily with my mental state, especially during these times. I was stressed at first because I was unsure of whether I was meditating correctly or using the app, but I feel once I was able to connect with myself and the app, the anxiety lessened and I felt I could enjoy the app/meditation more."
  • "I appreciate the ability to disconnect from everything going on and connecting with myself for 5-10 minutes."
  • "The variety of programs available to address multiple topics. I always felt like there was a session I could listen to regarding any of my mental states."
  • "Adjusting to the program in the beginning was difficult because I only briefly meditated during yoga (usually after a yoga practice) and it is much different than just taking a break to meditate only...but became more approachable as I started using it more often."
  • "I was able to look forward to meditation and really shut myself out from the outside world for just a little bit."
  • "I enjoyed the crashing wave audio."
  • "I think the state of mind I felt after using the app/meditation was really nice. The feeling of a cleared mind was something I looked forward to after every session."
  • "I was able to choose different meditations based on my feelings and mood."
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