Transform every smartphone on your campus into a pathway to well-being
One Perfect Meditation (OPM) is a unique mobile wellness application created by psychologists
Transform every smartphone on your campus into a pathway to well-being
One Perfect Meditation (OPM) is a unique mobile wellness application created by psychologists
Connect your students to solutions 24/7
Unlimited professionally curated sessions to address any student's current needs.
Connect your students
to each other 24/7
Students record personal insights privately and listen to solutions shared by peers.
Connect your students to on-campus support 24/7
One tap connects you to professional care whenever you think you may need it.
"Within a few years OPM will be a norm on college campuses."
Paul Marcille, Ph.D.
Professor and Program Director,
Palo Alto University
Past-President, California Psychological Association
"(Dr. Sullivan's digital tools) are like having a psychologist who is your close friend with you every day. It's so helpful and it works."
Marta Wegorzewska, Ph.D.
Scientific Editor
Washington University, St. Louis, MO
"I love the idea. Hearing how other students at my school dealt with the same things I'm facing now is perfect."
Autumn Jordan
Freshman, Dominican University
"I've been dreaming of an app like this since I began working in college counseling centers twenty years ago. One Perfect will save lives."
Sean Sullivan, Psy.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist Founder of One Perfect
San Francisco, CA
What students are saying about the OPM app…
"Easy to navigate and I enjoyed having the option to record an insight at any point during a meditation session."
"It helped me with my anxiety."
"I was pleased with how polished the app was. The animation style was cool to me."
"I like the fact that he's a psychologist. That's pretty cool."
"The main benefit that I received from One Perfect Meditation was listening to other people's insights and helping me to focus."
"What I liked the best about using OPM was listening to the insights and how it had different topics such as motivation, stress, and sleep."
"This is the most interesting meditation app I've used. I'd be less interested in the sessions, and more interested in the insights."
"This feels more professional than insight timer. (There's an actual psychologist rather than random people giving the meditations)."
"I liked all the content that was in the meditation and I love the beach waves audio."
"I was able to consolidate my thoughts so I could find the root of why I was feeling anxious."
"I liked all the content that was in the meditation and I love the beach waves audio."
"It gave me some good thoughts on maintaining my focus, which has dwindled due to us learning at home."
"The meditations were very soothing."
"The app was very soothing, far more than i would have expected from a simple app."
"It has helped me by guiding me in finding out more within myself, allowing myself to evaluate any problems I may have rather than ignoring them."
"OPM helped me address internal struggles I am currently dealing with and allowed me to accept and not judge myself for feelings/ thoughts I have."
"A few minutes to myself to have personal reflection that was guided and helped bring me back to what I was doing if my mind began to wander."
"It's an outlet for myself and my emotions."
"I liked Dr. Sean's short insights and stories that connected to the meditation."
"Helped me get into meditation. Not something I do regularly but having short 5-8 minute guided meditations made the jump to meditating not too overwhelming."
"I think OPM addressed my issues of overthinking and allowed myself to check in daily with my mental state, especially during these times. I was stressed at first because I was unsure of whether I was meditating correctly or using the app, but I feel once I was able to connect with myself and the app, the anxiety lessened and I felt I could enjoy the app/meditation more."
"The ability to disconnect from everything going on and connecting with myself for 5-10 minutes."
"The variety of programs available to address multiple topics. I always felt like there was a session I could listen to regarding any of my mental states."
"Adjusting to the program in the beginning was difficult because I only briefly meditated during yoga (usually after a yoga practice) and it is much different than just taking a break to meditate only. I feel like the program was intimidating at first, but became more approachable as I started using it more often."
"How I was able to look forward to meditation and really shut myself out from the outside world for just a little bit."
"I enjoyed the crashing wave audio."
"I think the state of mind I felt after using the app/meditation was really nice. The feeling of a cleared mind was something I looked forward to after every session."
"I was able to choose different meditations based on my feelings and mood."
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"... informs and encouraged us to be more present and more approachable to our peers." - Anonymous student, St. Andrews College
"I think that it brings life into the bubble of college." - Amanda McKlevey, former student, Eckerd College
"A brilliant concept that 'touches home''." - Anonymous student, Western New England College
"A realistic portrayal of issues that college students deal with in today's world." - Anonymous student, Regis University student
"It has a real flavor of being on the edge that I think people feel in their lives." - Marti Newbold, former Dean of Students, Eckerd College
"Part of the whole process...was this feedback that allowed a community to be built…and they (students) became more aware of ideas about their own questions about life." - Cynthia Totten, Ph.D., Professor of Theater, Eckerd College
"I liked that students from my school were the stars!" - Anonymous student, Western New England College
"Wonderful and Moving!" - Anonymous student, Regis University
"Influential and real" - Anonymous student, St. Andrews College
"The stories are so real." - Anonymous student, Western New England College
"I could connect well to the stories whether personally or through a friend's experiences." - Anonymous student, Regis University
"It makes me proud of my peers." - Anonymous student, Regis University
"It's like meeting a person randomly on the street, striking up a conversation, and suddenly you are best friends. You don't know how it happens it just did… somebody I`ve never met, could be so close to me in such a short instant." - John Dolan, Eckerd College student
"Touching and informative, really brought to light some issues that I had never thought about on our campus." - Anonymous student, St. Andrews College
"...a great way to educate others and share personal stories." - Anonymous student, St. Andrews College
"Urgent…you can't turn away…thoughtfully capturing serious dynamics of the human condition." - Anonymous student, Eckerd College
"Very moving and a definite A+." - Anonymous student, Eckerd College
"A real dialogue of feelings that one could connect and relate to." - Anonymous student, St. Andrews College
"Initiates a conversation about some of the difficult issues that one faces on college campuses." - Anonymous student, Eckerd College
"A courageous and awe inspiring connective moment." - Anonymous student, Regis University
"There were so many things to connect with. Problems that we`ve been dealing with, problems that we can`t cope with alone, that could bring us together in friendship." - John Dolan (again:), Eckerd College student
"It brings to surface issues that have been there for a while, but that no one would really look at." - Anonymous student, St. Andrews College
"It was very touching and brought encouragement to speak up and take action towards related problems to help." - Anonymous student, Regis University
"A voice crying out to those who thought they would never be heard." - Anonymous student, Regis University
"I thought it was awesome, raw, and positive. Keep it up!" - Anonymous student, Eckerd College
"...people from all walks of life, different majors, different ethnicities…really brings a sense of community to a school - Marissa Minor, Eckerd College student
"'Very inspirational and opened my eyes to common problems people my age struggle with every day." - Anonymous student, Regis University
"Really, really powerful, so be prepared to think…there are issues that you probably never think about in daily are not the only one with trouble, you are not alone." - Naoki Tanaka, Eckerd College, student
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