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What is One Perfect Meditation (OPM) for Organizations?
OPM is an iOS mobile app that provides on-demand, personalized wellness and motivation experiences created by top psychologists. The app also enables anyone in your community to record their own insights privately, and or, listen to surfaced solutions on topics of interest.

User's love OPM. Open 24/7, the app surfaces wisdom and beauty to share with your employees when they need it. Our ethos is to develop technology prioritizing delivering the our key value to your organization -- world class wellness and performance available 24/7.
How does it work?
It's easy. You decide you want to give the app to your employees and we deliver a customized app for your organization. We only need to know the total number of employees you want to give access to the app.
How much does OPM cost?
If you like it after testing free for 30 days, you can easily subscribe for $48 per user annually or $9 PEPM.
How does OPM benefit our organization?
Supporting your employees is table stakes now. Everybody is effected by the overwhelming daily mental health challenges we currently face. The data is stark. Depression and anxiety are way up right now and that trend is expected to continue.

Meanwhile, the number one reason cited for not seeking help is fear of stigma. One Perfect Meditation (OPM) was build by psychologists. Your employees can use OPM to reduce stress and increase motivation anonymously to optimize mental performance anytime.
What results has OPM demonstrated?
We've tested extensively and implemented strong privacy controls to prevent negative experiences. We continually collect data from OPM users and have generated the following results:

  • 95% of users who complete any OPM meditation report that their state of mind shifted toward, or into, their desired state of mind, typically in <10 minutes.
  • 9.2/10 average NPS score for, "I would recommend this app to a friend."
  • Significant increase in reported feelings of connection.
  • Significant increase in reported feelings of empathy for colleagues.
  • Significant increase in reported awareness of emotional challenges others encounter.
  • Significant increase in likelihood of reaching out for professional help.
  • Significant reported reductions in feelings of loneliness.
We're happy to discuss our latest findings. We are also continually conducting research with partners. Let's improve together!
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