Shift into a better state of mind
in 10 minutes anytime
Shifts for UCSC are free!
Shift into
a better state of mind
in 10 minutes anytime
Shifts for UCSC are free!
Hello, Slug!
Welcome to 'shifting' into a better state of mind in a few minutes whenever you choose.

Together with your fellow UCSC students over the least few years, we've been creating an incredible tool to help you shift into a better state of mind anytime with a 'Shift.'

A Shift is a short, digital experiences that guide you into a better mind state efficiently.

You can shift into motivation, out of stress, into sleep, out of loneliness, or recharge yourself in a few minutes anytime.

Complete a Shift anytime you need a quick mental recharge along your challenging mission through college and life.

Download the app and log in free with your email address on OnePerfect Shift iPhone or OnePerfect Shift Android, or on the web at now.

Give shifting a try. And, let us know what you think.

Thank you for allowing OnePerfect Shift to be a part of the UCSC community!

Stay present,

P.S. You can contact us at anytime.

Dr. Sean Sullivan
Clinical Psychologist
Using OnePerfect, >95% of surveyed users shifted toward or into their chosen state of mind.
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