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'Shifts' are short, psychologist-aided digital experiences that guide you into a better mind state efficiently. You can shift into motivation, out of stress, into sleep, out of loneliness, or recharge yourself in a few minutes anytime.

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1. Complete a Shift anytime, day or night, at OnePerfect Shift.

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Dr. Sean Sullivan
Clinical Psychologist
CEO of OnePerfect Shift
SHIFT is a revolution in taking control of how you feel.
SHIFT is a revolution in taking control of how you feel.
Connect to your ideal state of mind 24/7
Unlimited professionally curated Shifts to address your current needs.
Connect to insights and to others 24/7
Record personal insights privately and listen to solutions shared by others.
Connect to more support 24/7
One tap connects you to professional care options.
In two years of app research, >95% of surveyed users reported shifting toward or into their chosen state of mind in ~10 minutes.
The app includes unlimited personalized shifting, fifteen (15) new Shift specialty programs, progress tracking, private audio journaling, and much more - we keep adding features!

Remember, keep an eye out for your Welcome email and app access in 4 days. Meantime, welcome to shifting!